Senior Spotlight: Roderick Craig

By John Goolsby

The quiet and hard working Roderick Craig joined the football team for his senior year. In preparation for the season he attended an HBCU camp and camps at Florida State and Austin Peay.

Even though he was new to the game, it didn’t take long for Craig to find a home at wide receiver. “I love the position,” he said. “I want to keep working so I have an opportunity to play when I get out of high school.”

“I want my legacy to be that I didn’t quit and worked hard to win,” he said. Craig helped indeed. He came up with big catches to help Valley to their first winning season since 2017.

“Roderick is a player that any coach would love to have,” said wide receiver coach Martee Pope. “He is one of the most dedicated, hard working, and consistent players in our receiver corp.”

Craig is in the ROTC at Valley. The teamwork and discipline that he learned there translates to the football field. “Roderick is a player that always places the team first,” Pope said. “He is a player that never complains; he just smiles.”

“Roderick is smart, respectful and kind,” said his mom, Thelma Rose. “He helps around the house, helps take care of his siblings, and goes to church every Sunday.”

“Roderick is another player that will truly be missed amongst the receiver for and the entire Mountie Nation,” said Pope.

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