Senior Spotlight: NyDarius Whetstone

By John Goolsby

NyDarius Whetstone decided he didn’t want his high school experience to end without giving football a shot. “NyDarius always wanted to play football and decided to go out for his senior year,” said his mom Tiffany Wallace.

Sports is nothing new to NyDarius. “He was five years old when he started playing sports for the Western YMCA,” Wallace said. “He also played basketball, baseball, and Newcomb ball for Irondale Middle School.”

One of the reasons he wanted to play his senior year is “this is his last chance to accomplish something he wanted to,” said Wallace.

The start of the 2022 season has not been an easy one for Whetstone. Before fall camp started, his family’s apartment caught fire. The defensive lineman then suffered a nerve injury in his neck after the first game.

Although the neck injury has kept him from playing so far this year, Whetstone remains positive. “The experience has been good for me by learning new things on the sideline,” he said. “One of my goals is to have everybody on the same page.”

Whetstone’s resilience has impressed his position coach, Robert Nelson, Jr. “NyDarius has shown a special ability to press on through adversity by not letting both on and off the field situations stop him from coming out and being with his teammates.”

If football after high school is not in Whetstone’s future, he has another plan. “I’m focused on finishing school and starting my business,” he said. He plans to attend Barbering school at Lawson State.

Once the season ends and he hangs up his jersey for the last time, Whetstone wants to be remembered “as a guy that would help anyone that needed help.

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