Senior Spotlight: Kaleb Tolbert

By John Goolsby

Some guys are just made for football. Kaleb Tolbert, who started playing football when he was five years old, is one of those guys. “I love the hitting and tackling part the most,” said Tolbert. “There is just something about the contact that I love.”

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Defensive line coach Robert Nelson, Jr. has been pleased with Tolbert’s play this season. “Kaleb has been the most consistent guy for us all year with his play.”

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While Tolbert is fierce on the field, “he’s the life of the party” off the field, says his mom, Barbara Tolbert. “He is thoughtful, caring, respectful, and shows love to his three younger siblings,” she says.

Tolbert’s favorite saying is “all you have to do is believe.” He has turned that saying into his goal for his senior year: excel in the classroom and on the field. “I want to give myself the best opportunities for my life,” he said. “Opportunities aren’t just given out to you; you have to go and take them.”

Tolbert wants to be remembered as someone dependable and realistic. “I just want to leave a positive impact in all that I do,” he said. “If you can help someone or make a change, why not go for it?”

Tolbert is looking to attend the University of Alabama and major in engineering next year.

Barbara Tolbert penned a short poem that sums up the years of hard work and the excitement of the future for her son:

Engineer bound is his choice of career.
Striving for excellence is all you will hear; look out, Alabama, because he’s coming next year.

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