SHDegraffenried Saves Best For Last

Gulf Shores-Athletes want to go out on top. Whether it is hitting a game-winning jumper, hitting a walk-off home run, or making a clutch field goal, they want to save their best for last.

That’s precisely what Shades Valley’s Reah Degraffenried did. In her last high school meet, she ran personal bests in the 100 meter dash, 200 meter dash, 100 meter hurdles, and 300 meter hurdles.

The result was a state championship, a state record and the 21st fastest time in America with her 300 meter hurdles performance. Degraffenried was state runner-up in the 100 meter dash (7th fastest time in the state), 200 meter dash (5th fastest time in the state) and 100 meter hurdles (3rd fastest time in the state).

Degraffenried’s 34 points were good enough to give Shades Valley a 6th-place finish in 6A.

“I’m very pleased with my times from this weekend and I am more than excited to call myself a state champion and record holder,” said Degraffenried. “But my journey does not stop here. There is still more work to do and goals to accomplish as I get ready to compete at the collegiate level.”

Degraffenried will make her college announcement early next week.

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